In 2014, the Autism Center at Hospital for Special Care (HSC) launched the regional Spectrum of Kindness campaign to share stories, create community, and foster understanding of autism. The Connecticut-based campaign was so successful that they asked Mason to help them go national. 

Do a lot, with a little

The goal was broad – increase autism awareness, position HSC as a thought leader, build a loyal database, and while we were at it, raise funds for HSC’s Autism Center. Our target was sweeping too: families, legislators, healthcare providers, media. Where to start? The Spectrum of Kindness website was a powerful, cost-effective tool, full of moving stories from real families. Mason would use paid social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, to drive those stories in.   

Love spread, awareness raised

The Spectrum of Kindness Facebook audience grew 77.3 %, including 1,075,940 impressions and 12,248 link clicks. The Autism Center sees consistent wait lists for new patients, and HSC received $3.5 million state grant to expand services and add staff. There have been over 165 million total earned media impressions for Spectrum of Kindness. HSC was the first PCSP to be recognized by NCQA. Stories about the hurdles and joys of life with ASD continue to pour in. 

Results That Make a Difference.


state grant



earned media impressions