About Odyssey Logistics

Odyssey Logistics & Technology is one of the world’s largest logistics and transportation management companies. Odyssey shines at creating innovative, custom, cost-effective logistical solutions. But competition was growing, and that message was getting lost.

Lots of ground to cover

The logistics industry is remarkably diverse and growing fast. Players range from UPS to niche operations. So we chose a two-pronged approach: First, build an overall brand based on technological leadership and global reach, then leverage that positioning to demonstrate how Odyssey can help shippers become cost-efficient within their own industries.

Tapping their internal ingenuity

We used a mix of paid media and PR to drive home their position as a thought leader in supply chain, transportation and logistics management. Vertical pubs addressed specific industries. The Odyssey executive team provided real authenticity. They’re the best in the business – and it showed in their media interviews, bylined articles, and other PR initiatives. From Inbound Logistics to The Wall Street Journal, Odyssey is out there.

14 years of growth

Our classic, consistent approach helped elevate the Odyssey brand. It has fueled 14 years of consecutive, positive growth and rising, worldwide demand for their services.

Results That Make a Difference.


years of growth