Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI) serves as a conduit for Yale’s clinical research efforts, sourcing and managing grants and finding volunteers for trials. They needed to attract significantly more trial participants while creating a brand presence that reflected well on the university.

The appeal of ingenuity

Research showed that consumers thought clinical trials were only for the desperately sick or poor. So we launched “Help Us Discover,” a theme that appealed to everyone’s inner altruist. Next, we created an online registry for volunteers and connected it to Yale’s electronic health record. Laser-focused campaigns reached students, referring physicians and other targets. A community ambassador program brought key influencers to minorities. Finally, we unified Yale’s trial advertising with a common look, tone and style.

A tenfold increase

In our first year with YCCI, the number of registered volunteers increased from 200 to 2,000. Now that number is over 9,000. Currently over 2,000 trials are in process, and minority participation has increased from 4% to 32%.

Results That Make a Difference.


Trials in process



Increase in minority participation