Competition in the digital landscape

Greenwich Fertility was undergoing a transformation. At the same time, the market landscape was drastically changing, as their competitors were becoming heavily entrenched in the digital space.

Developing an online voice

Greenwich Fertility needed a digital presence to match and exceed that of their direct competitors. They needed a strategy to take this digital presence and grow it organically to bring higher online visibility and ultimately generate more leads. They also wanted an online voice, a way to highlight their expertise to those in the region and ultimately gives them the exposure to generate growth.

Understanding their place in the market

As with all digital projects, we began with understanding the client and the user. We assessed Greenwich Fertility’s place in the digital space by researching the competition. This gave us the information needed to understand competitive functionality, how entrenched they were in the space and what type of marketing tactics were needed to grow organically.

Understanding where Greenwich Fertility fit, as well as their users gave us the ammunition needed to develop and test wireframes and comps, and to develop functionality to drive leads. Our strategy was to educate and inform the user to show expertise through both on-page content as well as blog posts, showcase the vast experience of the team and show empathy through patient stories. This approach speaks to the user that Greenwich Fertility is experienced, willing to listen and consider all of their patient needs, and provide success-driven recommendations. This has all helped to drive leads to both phone and online.

The website was designed to be clean and inviting for the user, but at the same time have the functionality needed to be flexible and able to adapt to any device. The website is built as a marketing tool with the ability to be extended and tested to grow as Greenwich Fertility grows. This makes it an essential part of the conversion process.

The right mix

Visibility of Greenwich Fertility has been increased substantially since their launch with an ever-evolving localized marketing mix, as well as the addition of several programs including a blog that showcases their expertise. This has resulted in an increase in year-over-year leads of 74% since the website was launched.

Results That Make a Difference.


increase in online leads