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Where Digital Radio Fits in Your Marketing Mix

Pandora is a streaming audio service that provides access beyond terrestrial signals to the always-on, always-connected and always-multi-tasking consumer. Its impact is undeniable, with more than 82M unique listeners monthly, and 80 percent of their traffic originating from mobile or connected devices such as phones, tablets, computers and connected car systems, TVs and gaming consoles.

Pandora is also a very interesting platform because of its robust targeting capabilities — with over 100 targeting features, custom experiences, and the ability to run both audio and display advertising in tandem. Here are a couple of examples of how Mason has incorporated Pandora into our media strategy for clients:

Pandora as an extension of a digital campaign:

A large healthcare system needed to build awareness and drive inquiries for its expanding physician practice group. Mason executed a comprehensive media strategy with Pandora included as an extension of the digital campaign.

Planning and buying what’s called ‘display everywhere,’ we were able to target with both granularity and precision to reach our client’s target audience.  The objective was awareness, but tracking what matters goes beyond reach/frequency/unique web traffic, but also identifying multiple engagement points on their website, including patient acquisition pages.

Of all the digital vendors on the buy, Pandora yielded not only the best brand engagement (low bounce, high unique traffic, time spent and page depth), but also drove the highest patient acquisition conversions.  Twenty-six percent of patient traffic into the client’s appointment system was driven through Pandora.

Pandora as an extension of radio:

In this case, our client needed brand awareness for their cancer services.    For this program our media team featured Pandora as an extension of radio, and through its integration with Triton (a major ratings service) we were able to use traditional radio planning metrics to determine where Pandora fits in the media buy.  Based on the ratings, the Mason media team gave Pandora the largest share in the buy (30%) featuring its ‘audio everywhere’ product, a commercial message running in tandem with a companion digital ad.  This buy is still active, but all indications point toward successful outcomes across the board.

As a final thought, we feel that with Pandora and other rich, immersive media, it is best to create unique/tailored content for this special environment.  While that’s not always possible, it should be considered because of the added impact that can be achieved.

Pandora represents a whole new media opportunity for clients and has certainly earned its place in our consideration set.  Is it in yours?