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The Client Vendor Relationship- In the Real World. We’re not a taco stand!

It’s Friday, the weekend is here and I’m feeling a little punchy. Hence, the hysterical video you’re about to see. However, before the big show, a word from our sponsor…

Although the video is done in a very humorous manner, it’s very important to understand that the business of a public relations, advertising, branding agency isn’t transactional. There are the good clients who “get it” and then there are those that just don’t understand any of it from the start. They want it all, but aren’t willing to pay for it.

We’re selling a partnership and a relationship. It’s not a commodity or something that can be sold overnight. It’s something far more strategic and big picture and when great clients get together with great agencies, great ideas and campaigns are born.

So with all that said, enjoy the show. I got a good laugh out of this and I’m sure you will too! Happy weekend all.