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Super Bowl Time! Advertising Agencies Using Social Media Marketing

Here we go! Not only is the Super Bowl about two professional football teams vying for the trophy, it’s also the Super Bowl of advertising. This year, the cost for a 30 second spot during the big game will run you $3 million. What does it get you? 100 million viewers and hopefully some water-cooler talk at the office the next day. But in all seriousness, advertisers are hoping to make a big splash that will lead to brand awareness, product sales and the like.

Pay close attention this year, because the integration of social media into the ads is bound to increase. In fact, many brands are currently teasing their Super Bowl ads via their social media sites, such as Bud Lite, KIA and M&M’s. I’m willing to bet more than half of this year’s ads feature some sort of social media component, as discussed in this St. Louis Dispatch article.

Returning to the Super Bowl ad-stage this year are some familiar sights, such as the Budweiser Clydesdales, the E-Trade baby and the chimpanzees. Expect to see Pepsi and Doritos again with their consumer-produced spots, plus a weird pairing of Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber. Oh my! For the full scoop on this year’s ads and what’s happening, check out the Huffington Post and the ABC clip for a preview. Enjoy the ads Sunday — I mean the game!