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Save a Brain

I try to make a habit of flipping through PR Week to see what’s new, catch up on industry news and what not. I always read the Campaigns section and thought this was a pretty cool campaign. Not to mention, I even learned something from it!

To my surprise, falls are the number one cause of traumatic brain injuries. In fact, according to Hennepin County Medical Center, there are a stunning number each year- 37,446.

To help create awareness, they started a campaign “Save This Brain“. I love PR stunts. I especially love PR stunts that have a great message, and this had one. To get attention and to get their point across, a cast iron bathtub with wheels was rolled through high traffic areas throughout downtown Minneapolis outfitted with a shower curtain stating the facts. Not only did it create attention, but it also garnered media attention in the StarTribune, the Downtown Journal and Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine.

Pretty smart! So please be careful, and don’t slip on the soap.