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Press Release: Dan Healy Joins Mason Onofrio as New Media Manager

Former BrazenCareerist social media guru joins Mason Onofrio offering Connecticut businesses a sophisticated instate resource

NEW HAVEN, Conn., (Oct. 9, 2009) – From Twitter to Facebook, blogging and beyond, social media is taking the world by storm. From a business perspective, social media is connecting brands directly with their followers and global communities by combining text, picture, audio and video content to foster interaction and loyalty.

“Social media is about creating conversations, connecting brands directly with their audiences, but more importantly, allowing the public to shape consumer discussion about brands,” said Dan Healy, manager, new media, Mason, Inc. and Mason Onofrio Public Relations. “People are talking and will continue to talk about your brand, and social media allows you to participate in those conversations.”

Before coming to Mason Onofrio, Healy was instrumental behind the launch of as Client Services and Community Manager, and he has spoken at industry conferences about social media as a marketing and recruiting tool.

At Mason, Healy will work with clients to first conduct a social media analysis by identifying where conversations in their industries are occurring, who the influencers of those conversations are and how visible any competitors may be. As Healy completes the social media analysis for companies, an underlying recommendation will be that it is necessary to have a “complete” brand and marketing strategy with social media as an extension.

“I believe in the power of social media, I believe in conversation, and I believe in the benefits of having an online presence,” said Healy. “However, organizations cannot put together a few profiles and cross their fingers. Instead, they need a vision and strategy that combines a social media program with traditional brand advertising and public relations to best reach their audiences.”

“As a full-service agency, we want to provide a closed-loop program and take integration to the next level,” said Francis Onofrio, APR, president, Mason Onofrio Public Relations. “With Dan’s skill and expertise in social media, we’ll help our clients build better relationships with their stakeholders and help make it easy for them to participate in conversations where they previously did not have a voice.”