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Is LeBron James a Public Relations Genius?

There are times I question what makes news these days. As I passed our wall-mounted TV in the lobby this morning with my cup of coffee, I paused to see CNN reporting “breaking news” that Shakira was about to reveal the outfit she will wear during the closing ceremony of the World Cup. Really? Is this news? I suppose it is if you’re in the fashion business and your dress is Shakira’s outfit of choice, but come on! I couldn’t help but laugh.

Right now, the sports media and even the mainstream media are obsessed with NBA superstar LeBron James and where he’ll end up. Will it be the New York Knicks? Miami Heat? Will he stay in Cleveland? There’s even talk of Chicago. The media is buzzing wondering the same thing, but not to worry, because he’ll make his announcement tonight from the Greenwich Boys & Girls Club.

During my lunch I was browsing some LeBron James headlines. I’m not the biggest NBA fan, but the frenzy and excitement the media has created even has me interested. I thought Fraser Seitel’s piece on was pretty clever. The article is entitled “LeBron James– Public Relations Genius” and for good reason. For the full article, you can find it here, or continue below for the highlights:

– It’s celebrity news- and GOOD celebrity news. It’s not about another celebrity death, drug arrest or adultery case. It’s positive news.

– All of the advertising revenues from tonight’s press conference are being donated to LeBron’s charity of choice- the Boys & Girls Club of America. How about that?

– Whatever city he chooses to play in will instantly make that city a fanatical sports town, generating millions of dollars in revenue. How’s that for an economic stimulus?

– If he leaves Cleveland, all bets are that he’ll leave a huge chunk of money and commitment to a Cleveland charity.

Way to go LeBron! If you ask me, he’s done the right thing. He’s played the system to HIS advantage, but, hasn’t lost sight of his philanthropical side. He’s got a great star image and let’s hope he can steer clear of the temptations many star athletes fall victim to.

My guess: he’ll end up in Miami.