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Internet Explorer’s New Nostalgic Commercial is a Hit!

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion and that’s exactly what Internet Explorer had counted on in their new commercial. Their target market for this commercial: adults born in the 80’s, who grew up in the 90’s using Internet explorer. This commercial had my name written all over it! 

The commercial brilliantly sums up my 90’s childhood while also making me realize that Internet Explorer played a huge role in it! Yet in about 2005, I remember swearing off internet explorer for the new, fast and functional Mozilla Firefox. “No more waiting forever for a page to load or having to press ctrl+alt+delete because once again my browser had frozen,” I thought! Internet Explorer had been driving me crazy and I was about to upgrade. I’ve remained loyal to Firefox and have never thought of going back to Internet Explorer””until now?

With IE’s creative new marketing campaign and this fantastic new ad, I am left wondering if I should give my old friend a chance. In a campaign under a website called, Browser You Loved to Hate, IE acknowledges their previous flaws and promises that they have now changed–that the new browser is innovative and new, and they beg people to try it out.

There are three tabs on the web page are, “curious?”, “it’s good now”, “no, really.” This is a very smart and comedic approach to reintroducing an old, flawed product back into market that is hard to break into. The website gave me a chuckle, but had not driven me to make the switch. Then I saw this video. I laughed, I thought about how great it was to be a 90’s kid and shared with my friends on Facebook, who then proceeded to laugh, reminisce and share as well! At the end of the commercial the narrator says, “You grew up, so did we,” and then the words flash on the screen, “Reconnect with the new internet explorer.”  

Do you think this commercial is good enough to give the new Internet Explorer a chance?