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Mason’s Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Between the game and the commercials, Super Bowl XLVIII was a big bore. Yet some ads managed to get on Mason’s radar for being clever, innovative or just plain fun! Here are the ads that the members of Mason, Inc. thought were creative, fun and effective.

Charlie Mason, CEO: “I liked the T-Mobile, ‘No Contract’ ads the best because they reinforced the key differential benefit (no contract required) with a personality (Tim Tebow) who tied back to the football situation.  Even though some of the other ads used more humor, I am a sucker for messaging that hammers home the core differentiator.”

Fran Onofrio, President: “Radio Shack had the right balance of creativity to bring to life a fact that we all knew:  Radio Shack stores are incredibly dated and need reimage along the lines of the Apple Store. I just hope the brand experience will be consistent with a more modern look.”

Stephen Hayes, President: “Not my favorite – but most intriguing to me…Chrysler made in America spot featuring Bob Dylan. To my knowledge, he has never endorsed any product before in America. It must have cost them a fortune to sign him. While he is an American icon – he doesn’t have much appeal to a wide range audience. The audience that he does appeal to will clearly see this as a sellout of the 1960’s anti-capitalism ideals. Strange choice for such a huge investment – the media space alone had to me close to $15MM for the 2-minute spot.”


Derek Beere, Director of Brand Engagement: “Radio Shack. I thought this was a clever spot from Radio Shack. You have to really give them credit for poking fun of their outdated stores. The spot also hit that nostalgia in many of us, bringing in iconic figures from the 1980’s that included Twisted Sister, Mary Lou Retton, Alf, Hulk Hogan and many others. In my book, this was a homerun because it was one of the most talked about spots from the game. I would be curious to know how the team behind this got their client to make fun of itself! Nicely done.”

Angelo Porretta, VP Production: “Doritos time machine – comic relief kid playing on a neighbor’s yard scamming for the chips. It’s great!”

Richard Gamer, VP, Creative Director: “Bud light. It was the most original idea and a great positioning – The perfect beer for whatever happens.”

Diane Mierzejwski, Accounting: “I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials (not a big football fan).  Here are the commercials that I did like: The Seinfeld Commercial – love Seinfeld! Radio Shack was a cool one. Budweiser Commercials (the one with the dog & horses) I don’t drink, so I could care less about the actual ‘beer’ commercials – I love the horses!”


Jordana Carideo, Brand Manager: “Hands Down Budweiser was the winner! It was hard to choose between Budweiser’s ‘Puppy love’ commercial and ‘A Hero’s Welcome.’ They pulled at your heart strings and many can relate to them, I mean who can resist an adorable puppy!?  If I had to choose between the two, I would have to say ‘A Hero’s Welcome,’ every soldier should have a hero’s welcome home just like that.”

Mayya Medved, Assistant Brand Manager: “My favorite Commercial was the ‘Make Love Not War’ piece from Axe. The commercial itself made me cry. What a creative concept: in the most violent moments of history the ones in power would choose love over war. The commercial was beautifully made and inspiring. I was a shocked when I found out it was for Axe, a product that has usually been advertised with lewd commercials, but I am happy that Axe decided to go a different route. I think they really succeeded with making a very timeless commercial. (whether it is powerful enough to make people want to try the product—not so sure)

We’d love to hear what your favorites were?