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Flipboard: A Digital and Personalized Social Media Magazine

The Flipboard application, found on the iPad and iPhone, is part social media and part news aggregator and completely makes social networking life easier. It takes your Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds and organizes them in a nice, easy to read layout.  Think of it as your own personal social media magazine – and it’s free! Users have the option to read from pre-populated lists that’s Flipboard video 1764436cloaded with content from their personal Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as other social sites on a variety of topics.

The content from several different locations is now displayed in an easy to read magazine layout. Content that usually appears in a regular news feed is now selected to read and go through at your leisure. Social media has met its virtual print partner that updates in real time. Individuals can seamlessly go from Facebook to Twitter to news they are interested in.

Why Flipboard? Simple: users download this application because they want to read all of their social content in a nice organized way.  It is up to you to give them the content to read.  This application encourages information sharing by listing articles, content and videos that friends are posting to social networking sites in one place, making it easier to find and read. It updates as friends update their information just as Facebook and Twitter do. People who use this application want to read what you are saying and this is your chance to share with them. This should encourage you to share more relevant information, videos, images and articles with your audience.

Some Key Points:

  • People can access, read, and respond to their Facebook and Twitter feeds in one magazine style application.

  • The content you share appears in a magazine style format with headings and content. It is automatically even more appealing to your audience!

  • You can share articles, video, and photos that now have a new format and layout that you do not have to worry about formatting! Photos and videos are much more appealing on this application.

  • People can access other social media content that wasn’t posted by their friends. They have the option to read other topics of interest from business and sports to fashion and technology.

  • Flipboard is available for iPad and iPhone users, meaning there is a large reach of consumers that can utilize it.

Flipboard was created out of a need to bring users social media content to one easy to use place. It makes using social media as a source of information quick and easy. It also highlights the importance for organizations to share their information to increase their audience reach.

There we go! Flipboard explained, the only thing left to do is to start using it and see how it works for you. Share your thoughts and experiences. Enjoy!

By Vanessa Hruszko
Mason Intern Spring 2012