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Five Questions with Jaclyn Leutze – Account Director

  1. Account service is not only working with clients, but also the agency team. What traits help you succeed?

Enthusiasm is contagious. When I’m excited about a client project, I want to share that with the teams at the agency so that the energy shows in our work. Through collaboration and thoughtful discussions, we can do the best possible job for our clients.

  1. Throughout your career, what are you most proud of?

Relationships mean everything. I’m truly proud of the relationships that I’ve built with many different clients over the years in several different industries. These relationships are built on mutual understanding and respect.

  1. How do you keep going when things get tough?

I eat a lot of snacks! And while snacking, I try to sit back and take inventory of everyone’s expectations. By understanding where each person on the client team and the agency team is coming from, it helps guide us all to the best place possible even when we’re all feeling the pressure of deadlines.

  1. What motivates you?

Being a mommy! It motivates me each and every day. I want my daughter to grow up and be proud of who her Mom is as a person and know that hard work and making good decisions is key to success and happiness.

  1. Outside of work, tell us something interesting about yourself. Or, what can you be found doing on the weekends?

I’ve become an expert in kids’ music, art and play-doh. No more vacations or lounging at the pool at the moment. It’s all about pillow forts, silly songs, finger painting, hand prints and outings that may involve petting animals and family fun.