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Come Back Stronger – The Message Behind the New Campaign for Yale New Haven Health

Statistics alone can’t illustrate the triumphs of medicine. You can read about this many heart attack survivors or that many people with crippling injuries back on their feet. But until you see for yourself how medicine has transformed a life, numbers are just that.

Yale New Haven Health’s Comeback Kid campaign inspires the viewer by showing them firsthand how you can overcome some of the most difficult health conditions and come back even stronger. To bring that message to life, we drew upon a trend as old as the advent of social media – the influence of peers.

The drivers of the campaign are traditional media. TV and radio kickoff the emotional energy with the song “Comeback Kid” by The Band Perry. Its optimistic chorus highlights the patient’s return to the life they love. Print, outdoor and digital ads reinforce the message.

But what these traditional channels are driving you to is really the heart of the campaign – the people. Long-form videos residing on various digital platforms tell the in-depth stories of not only the patients, but the family members and caregivers who were part of their journey. Each video paints an emotional, inspiring portrait of just how powerful a force health care can be in bettering lives.

Comeback Kid is a perfect example of how traditional media channels are no longer an end to themselves, but a driver to social and digital platforms that engage the viewer with the brand on a more personal level. It shows how in a social/digital world, hearing from someone about their own life struggle –  someone like yourself – and seeing them thriving, speaks volumes more than any statistic.