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Caution: Dangerous Celebrities Ahead!

In the PR world, there comes a time in everyone’s career where they will be a part of a product launch or some kind of an event production. When that happens, there will always be the temptation of something like this: “Hey!!! Let’s get so-and-so (insert famous celebrity name here) to be a part of our product!!”

Tempting. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Case and point: Michael Phelps being dropped by Kellogg’s as a result of a photo involving marijuana use. Next up, R&B artist Chris Brown loses a sweet advertising deal with Wrigley’s because of his domestic violence arrest involving his girlfriend Rihanna.

Personally, I teeter on the celebrity endorsement thing. On one hand, it can certainly give your brand some immediate exposure and create some excitement. However, when things go wrong, you’re brand can go down with the ship– i.e. the “celebrity-at-fault”.

Lesson learned? Be prepared for the worst when linking your brand up with a celebrity.