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Branding: Authority vs. Resource

With all of the talk today about brand, authenticity and trust, Mason is replacing the word authority with resource when helping its clients develop sustaining brand platforms and messages. Recently, we have completed brand development programs for Hospital for Special Care and Acadia Insurance.

Rather than developing a short-lived “positioning” statement that others could eventually duplicate, Mason focused on each organization’s values and what is true to each as we do with all client brand work. In other words, we focus on excellence instead of just being different. Different is not always better. For more on this approach, read The Counselors Academy white paper, “Think Excellence, Not Difference.”

In the case of the hospital, while it may be correct to have said that Hospital for Special Care is the recognized ‘authority’ in comprehensive rehabilitation and long-term care for children and adults with complex illnesses and injuries and sought by the medical community nationwide for its expertise, we chose the word resource over authority.

Resource is more fitting with the hospitals supportive and patient-centered philosophy, medial care and work in research. Resource also conveys a sense of knowledge and trust. After all, do you trust everyone and everything that proclaims it’s an authority to be knowledgeable?