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A New Mason Website is Born

A design agency website. It’s a necessary and vital multi-purpose tool that never quite feels finished. 

It’s the first look from a prospective client into our world to gauge our merit. It showcases our brand, our personality and tells our story. It’s our platform to reveal not only our most important and engaging work, but also to demonstrate our expertise and industry knowledge.  

With the advent of Facebook and social platforms years ago, rumors began heralding the end was near for websites.  However, technology has made websites even more important, and it has instead shifted how they are consumed and delivered.  

Why a redesign?

While preserving the need for a website, technology, also has made it necessary to more consistently re-evaluate a website’s position.  

We didn’t hate our website, but like all good things, it had to come to an end. While we made incremental adjustments in the lifespan of our past site, it was time to push to a completely new iteration.  This was for several reasons.  

  1. To capture our new brand positioning, Communications Ingenuity, and show its coinciding tweaked brand imaging was a major catalyst for change.  
  2. We needed a new arena to showcase our work as well as the story behind the work in a more dynamic way for our prospective clients.  
  3. We wanted an updated and combined platform to show our expertise in current and emerging technologies, our industry and showcase our relevant and fun agency news.  
  4. It was time to update the technology behind our website. This helps make it as flexible as possible, easier to integrate our social platforms and track, test and grow leads.  
  5. We wanted to increase the collaborative nature of the website across internal groups.  
  6. To better tell our story. Not just who we are and what we do but about our people, our philosophy and what is in our DNA.  


Some highlights

We integrated bold new colors into the website using flat colors throughout and integrated brand elements such as the skewed rectangle in subtle ways throughout the design.

Mason Website Home Slider


We developed new work pages that are built to be more flexible, have a more dynamic approach to imagery and video, better highlight our strategy behind the project, and drive users to explore other projects.

Mason Website Launch Work Detail


We explored new approaches to mobile and how to make the website more engaging and interactive across platforms
Mason Website Launch Mobile Screens


We wanted to bring our people, their experience to life and we accomplished this through a highly visual custom gallery that merges our photography with brand elements.

Mason Website People


A new blog entitled Agency + Industry has been built from the ground up to better showcase our expertise and trend in our industry and be a platform for internal news.

Mason Website Agency + Industry


Our process

Evaluate our agency needs to determine what made sense from both a business and user standpoint.  Together we prioritized needs and features not only for this version but for future iterations. It is important to make sure that primary business objectives are met first.  

Evaluate our existing website to find deficiencies that should be addressed. Every website can be improved.  We covered several aspects during our review including readability, usability, responsiveness, aesthetics, brand connection and search effectiveness. This gave us valuable information to not just use in the redesign but also for what technologies to employ.   

Work through several design iterations. We treated it as a client project, working through wireframes and design iterations, site maps and functionality requirements.  We feel this sets a good base for experimentation and further testing to refine.  

Develop for the future. As an agency we have shifted focus to building websites on a few choice content management platforms, one of which is Wordpress, the choice for the Mason website.  Wordpress has become ubiquitous for content management systems, powering nearly 30 percent of all websites. This gives Mason and our clients a CMS that will persist for years to come, have a healthy development base and many third party addons in a package that is easy to manage and maintain. 

Several integrations allow us to better track, nurture and grow leads from our CRM as well as collect data necessary to plan future incremental improvements.  


Planning for the future

Our goal has always been to incrementally and iteratively update our agency website so that it is continuously fresh, considering our users’ needs and adjusting for technology innovations. We feel that this new platform, design language and methodology let us to adapt and innovate better than ever before.   

So we are excited to share our new website with our friends and give some insight into our thinking. But of course, we are already actively working on future additions!