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Christian Renstrom Joins Mason, Inc. as Vice President of Business Development

4 Apr , 2017 | admin

Christian Renstrom, Director of Business Development, Mason, Inc.

Christian “Chris” Renstrom has joined the integrated marketing communications firm as vice president of business development. Renstrom, a respected advertising professional with more than two decades of marketing management experience, will leverage the agency’s unique 360° marketing platform and comprehensive service capabilities to further establish the firm as an industry leader.

Prior to joining Mason, Renstrom served as advertising director for the Hartford Business Journal and founded Hartford Magazine, for which he was also vice president and general manager. Furthermore, he excelled in a similar agency environment as vice president of business development at Worx Group (now Worx Branding & Advertising) in Prospect, Connecticut. In these positions, Renstrom fostered deep-rooted connections across the state, particularly the greater-Hartford region which is a major geographic focus for Mason’s new business development.

After sitting on its board for seven years, Renstrom completed a decade long involvement with Special Olympics Connecticut by furthering the organization’s progression as vice president of corporate relations and special events. Through this experience, as well as management roles at major telecommunications corporations Verizon Wireless and Cingular Wireless (now AT&T mobile), Renstrom established a distinguished network of corporate contacts.

As Mason’s Vice President of Business Development, Renstrom will capitalize on notable connections to procure prominent business and corporate clients, and facilitate steady revenue growth.

“Chris represents an important part of our strategy moving forward as we are poised to place more emphasis in Hartford and Fairfield County areas,” said Charlie Mason, chief executive officer, Mason, Inc. “We are very excited to have someone of Chris’s caliber join us and take our message more aggressively into these markets.”

Renstrom is a lifelong resident of the Greater Hartford community, and currently resides in West Hartford with his two daughters. He graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University where he later served as a foundation board member for nine years. Additionally, he has been a member of the board for the Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame since 2009.

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Apple, MCX ‘Skirmish’ Over The Future of Mobile Payments

21 Nov , 2014 | Mason


In the tug of war between technologies, merchants, and consumers, who will decide the future of payment methods?

Consumers have been warming up in recent years to the possibilities of conducting more of their financial transactions from their smartphones or tablets, including banking, peer to peer transactions, online shopping, and so-called digital wallets.


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A Heartfelt Thank You to Every Veteran

11 Nov , 2014 | Charlie Mason

Arlington National Cemetery

Just wondering if anyone else thinks it odd that our schools are not closed for Veterans Day.  Apparently it is a federal holiday, but local and state communities make their own decisions as to whether or not they close.


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The Mistake at the Center of the U2-iTunes Album Download Debacle

7 Nov , 2014 | Mason


Apple launch events are much-hyped and have an air of grandiosity to them – so who better to help the company announce the iPhone 6 in September than equally grandiose rockers U2?

But the big news that came next was met less than enthusiastically by fans: U2’s latest album, Songs of Innocence, automatically downloaded itself to millions of iTunes users’ libraries, at no charge.


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The lesson from Kamryn Renfro suspension

20 Mar , 2014 | Charlie Mason

Kamryn is the 9 year old girl who shaved her head for her friend who is being treated for cancer and has lost her hair. Kamryn was suspended from school for a dress code violation (because she shaved her head) and not reinstated until the situation blew up in social media.

So what’s the lesson for organization heads around the country? Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best, “Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of simple minds.” If something feels wrong, looks wrong, sounds wrong, maybe it is wrong. And maybe you need to consider how the world will see your enforcement of a “rule” just because it is a rule. More…


Russian Lawmakers Passed Anti-Gay Bill

30 Aug , 2013 | Mason Intern


russia gay pride

There are several videos and articles on people’s reactions to Russian Lawmakers passing an Anti-Gay Bill denouncing the Russian gay community and banning any distribution of information about homosexuality to children. Most of the gay community and many who support gay rights oppose this attack on homosexuals. In response they have been showing negative attention towards Russia and exercising their freedom as citizens. The protests and speak outs continue to go on and cause more chaos as Russian religious activists and officials assault and detain those who oppose this bill.



Leadership and Brands: What made Steve Jobs a great leader?

19 Jan , 2012 | Charlie Mason

I never knew Mr. Jobs… never spoke with him… never even read a lot about him.  But I still know he was a great leader because of the influence he had on Apple — and on each of us.  How could one man do that much?   What was his magic?  What can each of us learn from him about leadership?rip steve jobs



Happy Holidays from Mason!

22 Dec , 2011 | Mayya Medved

Mason, Inc. would like to wish you and yours happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year. We hope that you take this opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and reflect on this and next year!



National Debt vs. Deficit “¦ We need better communications!

14 Dec , 2011 | Charlie Mason

Ask your friends,  “Quick, what is the difference between the national debt and the deficit?”  For the most part you will get blank stares.  Most people are unclear as to the distinction between the two and generally use them interchangeably.  (By way of clarification, the debt is the total accumulated amount of money we owe.  The deficit is the amount that we are adding to that total each year.) debt versus deficit



Give me the “˜Good News’ ““ What warrants a press release?

11 Nov , 2011 | Beth Meccariello

Like many people in PR, my guilty pleasure is to scan through my Twitter feed at random times throughout the day to check on the latest headlines, blog posts, and yes… even meaningless banter.  Yesterday during my daily scan, I came across this blog post that absolutely blew my mind and at the same time, gave me some good laughs.  It was based around 20 funny (yet blunt) opinions on the agency-client relationship, and while some may be over the top, point #3 really got me thinking. (Let’s be honest… humor gets us through most days, so none of these points should be taken to heart!)