A Unique Approach to a Unique Resort.

Resorts Casino Hotel was Atlantic City’s first casino. And while other national brands have established boardwalk properties over the decades, Resorts remains an original. It has a character unlike its competitors, with a variety of venues and amenities unique to the area. And it has a staff that thinks of itself as family and welcomes guests in that way.

Pictured above: The message was spread across various media, including the outdoor, print, and digital space.

There’s something special here. A feeling, an energy, a personality that says, this is the one place you can’t miss. The one place with LandShark, AC’s only year-round beachside bar and restaurant. And DraftKings, AC’s best sportsbook. Plus, the laid-back fun of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville and award-winning dining spots like Capriccio and Gallagher’s. Along with the best dealers. The most welcoming staff. The best of everything. Each one of a kind. In a one of a kind place. Resorts Casino Hotel. Book your one of a kind getaway today.

In short, Resorts Casino Hotel is One of a Kind. It was with that theme that we launched the Resorts rebrand. Close up, emotion-packed images of happy guests juxtaposed against lots of white space scream beach-front excitement – while a clean, modern font hints at the property’s multi-million-dollar restyling. And the messaging itself, in print, outdoor and radio, lets people know that there really is no other Atlantic City destination as welcoming, surprising and fun as Resorts Casino Hotel.

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