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Paid Social Media Options Expand, More Platforms Now On Board

6 Sep , 2016 | Mason

Paid social media is an increasingly-effective strategy for both consumer-focused and B2B brands. Between the established household-name platforms, and the up-and-coming disruptors, staying on the leading edge of social media is no small challenge for marketers. Each platform regularly rolls out algorithmic updates and new ad options.

Last year on this blog, we broke down the paid advertising options across six of the leading social sites. While many of these options are still available, there are many new features to consider in 2016, and your paid social strategy must be responsive to this dynamic environment to ensure you get the most benefit from it.


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Metrics & Methodology: Get Social Media Analytics Down to a Science

16 Jun , 2015 | Mason

paid social media measurement is a science

Paid social metrics are where the rubber meets the road on social media marketing. There are plenty of qualitative arguments for including paid social in your digital marketing strategy, but ultimately, its success must be measured and quantified. Content is the art; analytics are the science.


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Paid Social Do’s, Don’ts, and Key Considerations

30 May , 2015 | Mason

paid social media - icon grid

So, you’re ready to give paid social media a spot on your budget, and you’ve reviewed your options across the major platforms. Now comes the next step: planning your paid social strategy and campaigns.


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Paid Social: An Overview of Your Options

27 May , 2015 | Mason

paid social media icon tree

Now that we’ve convinced you that Paid Social deserves a spot in your digital budget, let’s look at what exactly you can do with those dollars. The information below was culled from each site’s own descriptions of its advertising options as of May 2015.


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Why Paid Social Media Deserves a Spot on Your Budget

29 Apr , 2015 | Mason

paid social icons

Social media can be a crowded place, especially when you’re trying to get your message to the right audience. You’re not only competing against other brands on social media, you’re contending with each network’s ever-changing algorithms that dictate just how much reach your message has.

In fact, with Facebook’s recent changes to its algorithm, it’s going to be an even tougher space for brands to get their message out. However, there is hope if you have a strategy and the budget to support your social media program.


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Could Native Advertising Overcome Display Ad Blindness?

13 Feb , 2015 | Mason

native advertising

Average click-through rates on display ads reflect a digitally savvy public that has learned to ignore or distrust them. Native advertising could prove an effective way of re-engaging that audience.

The last 15 years of Internet history have been a constant push-pull of online advertisers finding new ways to get their message in front of more eyeballs, and those eyeballs glazing over as users learned to ignore, avoid, or even block as many ads as possible. The result has been dubbed “banner blindness.


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Our View: Top 14 Memorable Ads of 2014

30 Dec , 2014 | Mason Captain Obvious

By the very nature of the business, advertisers have to be forward-thinking and planning ahead at all times. But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate all that’s already been said and done.

As we take a moment to look back on what made this last year memorable, we asked around the Mason office to find out which ads stood out from the pack among our staffers. Below we present our favorite ads of 2014, in no particular order, demonstrating the power of humor and unexpected creative.


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The Perfect Blend: Content, Data, and Native Advertising

3 Dec , 2014 | Charlie Mason

Is anyone else vague on exactly what native advertising is?

I was, until I just attended a forum meeting at the American Association of Advertising Agencies, where Edwin Wong, Senior Director, B2B Insights at Yahoo gave a talk on the subject.


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Planning for Video Today Means Planning for Video Everywhere

17 Nov , 2014 | Nick Koutsopoulos

laptop and smartphone

The propagation of screens into all aspects of everyday life, both inside and outside the home, presents opportunities and challenges for media companies, agencies and brands.

Video access and choice have never been more fragmented.   Think about that for a minute.  More…

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Opinion: Negative Political Ads Fill Vacuum of Visionary Thinking

5 Nov , 2014 | Charlie Mason

Charlie Masonby Charlie Mason

It has been fascinating to eye-witness one of the most negative advertising campaigns in the nation – Connecticut’s race for Governor.  It is popular wisdom to decry the negativity and say that it doesn’t work on “me.”  But, of course, the data show that it indeed does work on “me.” More…

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