About Resorts Casino Hotel

When Atlantic City legalized gaming in 1978, Resorts was first to open its doors. And while being an original is still in its DNA, Resorts had to convince prospective guests that with a recent multi-million dollar renovation, it was also a seaside destination with 21st century flair.

Turning just right into just amazing

We talked to lots of people – both internally and externally. The conclusion was pretty unanimous. Resorts was the most welcoming and genuine hotel in Atlantic City. Staff took pride in their long tenures. Guests were delighted to be welcomed back on a first name basis. Not too hot. Not too cold. Resorts was just right for everyone. Everyone who knew of it that is. But for a new generation of guests, it was going to take something more than handshakes and smiles.

Ingenuity makes it cool to be warm

Take one part heritage and mix it with two parts fun and excitement. That was the formula for communicating the unique aspects of this one of a kind boardwalk destination. In fact, when you put it all together, that’s exactly what Resorts Casino Hotel is – one of a kind. And under that campaign umbrella, we proceeded to introduce in print, radio, outdoor, public relations, and social media all the dining, gaming, and entertainment options that only Resorts offers. All while reminding our audience, old and new, that when it comes to genuine old-fashioned hospitality, there is no resort quite like Resorts.

Wave upon wave of positive numbers

While Atlantic City itself was going through a challenging time, Resorts saw a significant uptick in revenue and traffic. Just one month after the campaign launch, gaming revenue alone increased by nearly 19%. Not only were guests excited, the media was excited and covered the new brand positioning. Equally important, the campaign engendered a spirit of goodwill among staff with immeasurable positive results.

Results That Make a Difference.


Gaming revenue increase