About KENO

KENO is neither a scratch game nor a typical daily or weekly numbers draw. With a drawing every four minutes, it’s a game with a unique social aspect. But it’s also a game with complexities that needed buy-in from previously untapped distribution channels, including restaurants and bars.

We saw more than just a payout

Your first instinct is to sell the thrill of winning. But we saw something different with KENO. Research showed that it’s a game with a wide demo – from early 20-somethings to late 80-somethings. It’s also a game you can make an evening of. And it’s a game you can play together. In other words, KENO’s not just another game of chance. It’s a social happening.

Using ingenuity to change the rules

Set the big payouts aside for a minute. Instead, turn a game into a party. A statewide party. Use TV to show people playing, laughing, jumping, running, dancing and just plain having a blast playing KENO. Put it all against a colorful background with whimsical motion graphics and a really cool jingle, and give your audience a sense that there’s a lot of fun to be had out there. On the Spot Fun. Reinforce it all with radio and promotional print to win over the distribution channels with its eye appeal.

The winning numbers

The most successful KENO launch in the country, generating over $33 million in revenue in the first six months.

Results That Make a Difference.


revenue in first 6 months