Tyler Anderson

Tanda Hospitality

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If you go to his website, you’re greeted by a big, jovial smile and a simple, inspiring message we should all live by – work hard, be nice, eat well.

Chef Tyler Anderson was born and raised in Southern California where he started his career in the professional kitchen. In fact, it really started when he was a child selling snow cones on the street he lived on. Today, that entrepreneurial spirit lives on and his passion for the craft and locale are evident in his cooking style, which is inspired by simple quality goods and the culinary traditions of New England.

He’s the driving force behind his restaurants Millwright’s, Ta-Que. Terreno, Bar Pina, and Tanda Hospitality. He’s also been nominated for the James Beard Best Chef Northeast Award seven years in a row, named Connecticut Chef of the Year and he was a fierce contestant on Top Chef, Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay.

So, who won? We’ll find out as we dive into what kind of leader it takes to run a kitchen, his daily habits and routines, what inspires him and how the pandemic has forced the restaurant business to be innovative. Let’s get UpFront with Chef Tyler Anderson!

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