Jill Mayer

Bead Industries

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Jill Mayer

Bead Industries has a rich and impressive history. Chances are you probably have never heard of the company name before, but perhaps you know two of the many products they’ve made. The first is the beaded light pull chain that you pull to turn a light on and off. The second are the dog tag chains for the US Military that they manufactured during World War II.

Founded in 1914, Bead Industries is comprised of two divisions – Bead Chain and Bead Electronics, and a wholly owned subsidiary, McGuire Manufacturing Company. Jill Mayer is the CEO and the fifth generation of this family business. Jill took over running the company from her father in 2014 and has built on his legacy by transforming the organizational culture through innovation, shared purpose and accountability.

She’s fiercely passionate about manufacturing and is the President of ManufactureCT, Connecticut’s largest manufacturing association, a board member of the CBIA and is active in Vistage and Women in Manufacturing.

Let’s get UpFront with Jill and learn about what inspires her, how you can transform a company culture and what it’s like to run a family manufacturing business.

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