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The True Measure of Success: Q&A with Digital Strategist Joshua Giardino

14 Feb , 2017 | Mason


Joshua Giardino, Director of Digital Strategies & Analytics at Mason

Joshua Giardino, Director of Digital Strategies & Analytics at Mason

Joshua Giardino joined the team at Mason in November 2016 as Director of Digital Strategies & Analytics. He brings more than a decade of digital marketing experience across several technical and creative disciplines, with specific expertise in inbound marketing. We invited him to describe in his own words his approach to strategy and data.


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The Mighty Microsite: When, Why, and How to Use One

19 Jan , 2017 | Mason

Microsites can be a creative playground for brands with a specific campaign, message, or call-to-action to showcase. Rather than be limited by the presentation and structure of an existing website, a microsite allows the brand to design a new experience that’s especially well-suited to the desired outcome, whether that’s awareness, advocacy, sharing, purchasing, or some combination of results.

So what is a microsite, and how might it come in handy?


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Could Native Advertising Overcome Display Ad Blindness?

13 Feb , 2015 | Mason

native advertising

Average click-through rates on display ads reflect a digitally savvy public that has learned to ignore or distrust them. Native advertising could prove an effective way of re-engaging that audience.

The last 15 years of Internet history have been a constant push-pull of online advertisers finding new ways to get their message in front of more eyeballs, and those eyeballs glazing over as users learned to ignore, avoid, or even block as many ads as possible. The result has been dubbed “banner blindness.


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