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The Modern B2B Buyer’s Journey: Unfolding the Map

8 Jan , 2017 | Mason

The Modern B2B Buyer Journey: Unfolding the Map

The explosion of digital-first marketing hit the consumer sector first, forever changing the way people shop. The resulting shock wave has significantly impacted the B2B sector as well, reshaping the landscape of lead generation, customer relationship marketing. The B2B buyer’s journey is more self-driven than it ever has been, thanks in large part to the opportunities presented by mobile.

B2B marketers must make sure they are working from the same purchase journey map that their customers and prospects are using. Many of the key landmarks are the same ones marketers have been using for years, but the route between them, and the vehicles that move customers from point A to point B, have changed in big ways. More…

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Mobile Sees Gains, But Desktop Still a Sales Driver on Cyber Monday

11 Dec , 2014 | Mason

The 2014 holiday shopping season kicked off with a bang, and ecommerce retailers especially have a reason to celebrate.

According to comScore, the period from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday saw 24% growth in sales over the same period last year.


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Cyber Monday Outlook: Mobile Shopping Will Rule

25 Nov , 2014 | Mason

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Do you remember when Black Friday was just Black Friday?

According to holiday shopping season predictions, a typical Thanksgiving in 2014 might look like this: get your fill of both food and family, then retire to a chair or couch for football or a family movie, during which about a third of the audience is also hovering over a phone or tablet, starting their holiday shopping.


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Apple, MCX ‘Skirmish’ Over The Future of Mobile Payments

21 Nov , 2014 | Mason


In the tug of war between technologies, merchants, and consumers, who will decide the future of payment methods?

Consumers have been warming up in recent years to the possibilities of conducting more of their financial transactions from their smartphones or tablets, including banking, peer to peer transactions, online shopping, and so-called digital wallets.


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Planning for Video Today Means Planning for Video Everywhere

17 Nov , 2014 | Nick Koutsopoulos

laptop and smartphone

The propagation of screens into all aspects of everyday life, both inside and outside the home, presents opportunities and challenges for media companies, agencies and brands.

Video access and choice have never been more fragmented.   Think about that for a minute.  More…

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