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The Top 3 Priorities of Millennial B2B Buyers

3 Oct , 2016 | Mason

millennial b2b buyers

With their growing spending power and their technology-enabled lifestyles, Millennials are comfortably near top of the priority list for retail, entertainment, healthcare, food, and all manner of consumer goods & services marketers. For the very same reasons they’ve captured the attention of B2C marketers, Millennials should be a priority for B2B marketers too.

business-839788_1280Millennials aren’t just consumers, they are buyers. As of 2014, nearly half of all B2B buyers were born between 1980 and 1993, according to a study by Google and Millward Brown. That segment is steadily growing. Most Millennials who are now in the workforce have hardly known a world without instant Internet access, touch-screen devices like smartphones and tablets, email, and social media. ‘Digital’ is virtually their first language.

Whether buying for themselves or on behalf of their employers, Millennials favor B2B vendors that prioritize what they prioritize:


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