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The True Measure of Success: Q&A with Digital Strategist Joshua Giardino

14 Feb , 2017 | Mason


Joshua Giardino, Director of Digital Strategies & Analytics at Mason

Joshua Giardino, Director of Digital Strategies & Analytics at Mason

Joshua Giardino joined the team at Mason in November 2016 as Director of Digital Strategies & Analytics. He brings more than a decade of digital marketing experience across several technical and creative disciplines, with specific expertise in inbound marketing. We invited him to describe in his own words his approach to strategy and data.


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Metrics & Methodology: Get Social Media Analytics Down to a Science

16 Jun , 2015 | Mason

paid social media measurement is a science

Paid social metrics are where the rubber meets the road on social media marketing. There are plenty of qualitative arguments for including paid social in your digital marketing strategy, but ultimately, its success must be measured and quantified. Content is the art; analytics are the science.


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Off the Radar: What to Do With ‘Dark Social’ Traffic

30 Jan , 2015 | Mason

radar dishes

Social sharing platforms are a rich source of data and insights for brands, illuminating their audiences’ preferences, behaviors, attitudes, and interests to better inform the brand’s digital strategy. But there’s a layer of activity happening below the surface, unmeasured, that has been described as ‘dark social.’


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The Perfect Blend: Content, Data, and Native Advertising

3 Dec , 2014 | Charlie Mason

Is anyone else vague on exactly what native advertising is?

I was, until I just attended a forum meeting at the American Association of Advertising Agencies, where Edwin Wong, Senior Director, B2B Insights at Yahoo gave a talk on the subject.


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