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Hummel Brothers

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Eric Hummel

There’s nothing more American than a good old-fashioned hot dog! We love them. Especially Hummel Bros. hot dogs. The Hummel Bros. story begins in 1933 when German immigrants William and Robert Hummel scraped together $1,000 to purchase a bankrupt sausage kitchen. They both were “wurstmachers” – sausage makers – back in Germany, so they knew a thing or two about making quality products.

Fast forward to today and Hummel Bros. is a thriving family business that extends far beyond Connecticut. People love their food, especially their hot dogs. There are online groups dedicated to Hummel Bros. and fans from around the world who will have them shipped as far away as Hawaii and Alaska. Eric Hummel is one of the third-generation owners and he took the time to share some insightful advice on the importance of giving back to the community, why employees are truly like family, and the best way to enjoy a Hummel Bros. hot dog.

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