A new beginning

Sometimes website goals are not about pure conversion cycles but about building awareness and showing expertise. Global insurance and reinsurance provider Endurance had recently been purchased by Sompo, an established global insurer headquartered in Japan. Endurance approached Mason to gain assistance with several key facets. They wanted to streamline and consolidate their website offerings, integrate new Sompo brand standards, and optimize their website to both increase product visibility as well as build the connection of expertise with their product leaders.

Planning for the future

The purchase of Endurance by Sompo happened quickly and had a short, strict transition deadline that involved several moving parts.

While the project started as a rebranding effort, with the consolidation of other websites and a series of important changes needed in the short term, together we decided that the project strategy had to shift focus. We had to make sure the website accommodated their needs long term and that user needs were taken into account.

A user focus

As with all projects, we started with the user and brand guidelines. Competitive research was done, and qualitative and quantitative data gathered, giving valuable insights into how people used the website. We then designed and tested a series of wireframes and prototypes to develop website patterns with a goal of making the user journey as simple as possible to connect to products that fit their needs.

Consolidation is often not an easy process. While undergoing a brand transformation, the new Sompo International had to cope with the integration of several other websites into their own, and this came with its own set of challenges. We worked directly with Sompo International to develop a strategy for migrating several external properties and their content directly into their own structure while minimizing the impact for the users. This gave users a more seamless journey when coming from a secondary property or for those already used to the existing website patterns.

Improvement through consolidation

Working together with Sompo, we were successfully able to simplify the websites, even with the addition of several new properties, and improve overall organic search traffic through site consolidation. We continue to evaluate the user experience as the site grows and more properties are added, to make sure that site goals are being achieved and roadblocks are removed. Together we are excited for the future of Sompo in the digital space.