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What We Are All About

We take a comprehensive view on public relations. Working with Mason Onofrio Public Relations, you’ll get an experienced team that is focused on objectives and results, and backed by Mason, Inc., a full-service communications agency. Whether you tap into our integrated communications expertise or seek a strategic public relations program, or simply need publicity for a new product you’ll gain a focused partner that is trained to see beyond the tactical.

Mason Onofrio serves a range of clients, assisting them with consumer and business-to-business communications – from strategic planning to media relations programs through product publicity and analyst relations.

Our team understands the power of creativity and the value of building long-term relationships with an organization key publics and stakeholders.

We believe that a well executed public relations program:

* Is linked to an organization’s business objectives.
* Communicates the heart and soul of an organization.
* Protects the brand and enhances its reputation.
* Motivates behavior.
* Helps provide third party endorsement and extends the reach of other communications activities.
* Works as part of the integrated marketing mix when appropriate.
* Paves the way for sales.