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Wendy’s Pretzel Burger Looks Promising

In a couple of months, Wendy’s fast-food restaurants across the nation will be launching a new burger with a pretzel bun.

Consumers are always looking for something new to satisfy their taste buds. The outlook of a new product is stirring up attention in social circles, just as rumors of Taco Bell’s new Waffle Taco have recently been circulating on Twitter. In an attempt to create closer connections with its customers, Wendy has undergone significant brand development within the past year, tweaking its logo and creating new ads. Social media for Wendy’s offers great promise to level the playing field between bigger competitors such as Burger King and McDonalds.  

But this new product begs the question: do Americans really want pretzels as burger buns?

Brian Miller, an analyst, certainly thinks so: “Americans have a really strong emotional connection with pretzels, soft or hard pretzels,” he says. “There was just a natural progression to turn it into a bun.”

No doubt, the hype surrounding this new creation will definitely propel it down American’s throats initially, but is there really an emotional attachment associated with pretzels that will make this product sustainable?

I wonder how this will play out. Will social media discussion and hype persuade us to  just eat or will this be a flash in the pan. But as we take a step back, when it comes to fast food , maybe it’s best just to take it with a grain of salt.

By Andrew Shi
Mason Intern Summer 2013