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Valentine’s Day Gone Bad

Over the past few days one of my friends (Facebook and otherwise) was posting about 1-800-Flowers.  He had a really bad experience and put it up on Facebook.  Turned out most of his friends had had an equally bad experience, and a single critical post quickly turned into a massive bashing of 1-800-Flowers.


My guess is that the net effect of this social venting was to discourage anyone in the extended group of friends from ever using 1-800-Flowers again.  Of course, nothing makes up for problems with the core product/service, but I couldn’t help but wonder if this company even had a clue about the negative conversations going on out there about them or the cumulative impact that they were bound to have on their brand.

There are tools out there to help companies listen.  Mason subscribes to a bunch of them.  That way we can help our clients respond to subjects, both positive and negative, brought up by prospects and customers. Do you think if we called 1-800-Flowers they would listen?