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Turbo Tax Ad Campaign, “The Year of the You”

This isn’t a Superbowl ad, but it is definitely worth some attention. Turbo tax recently launched its new “The Year of the You” commercial. This innovative campaign sheds a new, emotional light to doing your taxes. The commercial pays homage to all the accomplishments and milestones “you” have had in 2013. Newlyweds, new parents, and new homeowners can relate to the short situations highlighted in the commercial. An endearing and inspired voice-over comically explains all the wonderful things “you” did this year. Shorter commercials were made from each of the personal stories as well.

“You’re the one who got married and found that one person, one, out of like 7 billion who you’re meant to be with. Woah, that’s like what spies can do and they have facial recognition technology. And all you had was a new shirt; but you did it.”

This commercial is heartwarming, thoughtful and well strategized. The narrator goes on to say that you accomplished a lot this year, and because of that you’re the best person to answer a series of questions about what you did. They show that Turbo Tax is easy to use and that you’re the best person to answer the easy questions asked. They say, “That’s what taxes are, a recap, the story of your year.”

Turbo Tax does not want their customers to go to tax specialists, but instead buy their software and do taxes themselves. What a better way to do that than humanizing the tax experience and making it about the inspiring journey of your accomplishments.

Turbo Tax did a great job ensuring that their message gets across: you don’t need an outside party to do your taxes because you’re the best person to recap your life. They also show that taxes are not as scary as people think they are. This is a great, out-of-the-box commercial that shows that with some creativity you can make something as daunting as taxes seem like fun!