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Super Bowl Ads 2012: Mason’s Favorites

Super Bowl 2012 attracted an average of 111.3 million viewers which makes you wonder, how many of those viewers tuned in just for the commercials? Although the Mason consensus was that the ads were not as exciting as the previous years there were still some commercials that stuck out. Here are some of the opinions expressed around the water cooler.

Here Weego“I liked the ‘Weego’ commercial with the dog. It was clear, fun and covered all of their demographics.” Charlie Mason, CEO.

“My favorite commercial was the Doritos commercial with the dog. It reinforced that special bond between man and dog – or was it man and food?”-  Fran Onofrio, president. 

“I liked the Chevy Truck ‘Apocalypse’ spot. It kept you guessing and a nice jab at the end against the competition. I also thought the Hyundai spot with the cheetah was funny.” Richard Gamer, creative director.

“My two favorite commercials were the Honda CRV ‘Matthew’s Day off’ and the Acura NSX ‘Jerry Seinfield.’ I loved that the Matthew spot brought me back to my teen years and had great entertainment value. Although Honda cleverly teased the spot a few weeks ago I felt they could have done a better job by putting a ‘see full length version on’ at the end to drive traffic to their social channels. The Jerry Seinfield commercial made me laugh and had a great surprise factor with Jay Leno flying in! Last living munchkins, the soup Nazi and a secret network of Manhattan zip lines. What’s not to love here?” Derek Beere, New Media Manager.

“America loves humor and dogs, let’s face it. So I’d say mine was the Volkswagen commercial where the dog strikes back from being slow and heavy to fast and slim. The workout the dog was doing was hilarious and they picked perfect background music to go along with it. All to show that the VW is back and better than ever, just like the dog!” Bethany Meccariello, Brand the dog strikes back

 “I think Sketchers got it right by reinventing their ad this year. Many companies get in the trap of creating the same type of commercials, even when they are not successful. This year, instead of featuring Kim Kardashian, Sketchers showed the story of Mr. Quiggles, the French bulldog who beat his greyhound competition with the help of his Sketchers. The ad is silly and cute, definitely a great trend for the 2012 Super Bowl commercials.” Mayya Medved, Assistant Brand Manager

“I liked the VW dog losing weight and the M&M commercial. They were very cute and very funny, they definitely got my attention!” Danielle Geer, Media Planner.

Amidst all the Super Bowl 2012 favorites, one ad stuck out as overdone and was repeatedly listed as the least favorite. That was the body paint commercial. It was racy and sexy years ago and this concept is just old, boring and predictable and has simply beaten the theme to death. With their recent drama, they should have used this chance to reinvent themselves and give the public something new.

With all the feedback and water cooler chat from everyone here at Mason about the Super Bowl spots, one ad clearly was the winner and stood out among them all: Smilow Cancer Hospital’s “Closer to Free” spot that aired locally during the third quarter. OK, we may be a little biased because we produced it, but hey, a little self-promotion never hurts. Plus it did win a Telly.