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Social Media, What’s Your “Klout” Score?

To anyone who still thinks social media is a passing phase or trend-du-jour, think again. Who would have thought we’d all be running around with mobile phones giving us the ability to control the TV set, make a restaurant reservation or get our news instantaneously, among a zillion other availabile apps.

Next up in the social world, your clout. Think of it as your personal power of influence score in the social media world. I found a rather intriguing article on AdAge, where the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas is building out this type of “big brother” technology with the “Klout Klub” and using it to give VIP treatment and other perks to those who are influential in the Twitter world. Next to your name on the reservation list is your Klout score.

Although the idea behind this started back in 2008, it seems to be catching on more and more. Some of the brands already using Klout are Starbucks (check out their Klout profile), Virgin America, Dannon Yogurt and CoverGirl to name a few.

So what is Klout and how does it work? The article explains that Klout is a sophisticated ranking system that analyzes your activity on various social media platforms and assigns a klout score based on your ability to influence others.

The goal here? Brands are banking on customers with a high Klout score to share their positive experiences with their followers. As the article also states, and I agree, it just may be one of the first real steps toward the elusive ROI of social media.

All of this comes back full circle to defining measurement and the objectives of your social media plan, something we always advise our clients on. What is that goal? Is it to increase sales? Increase brand awareness? Recruit employees or brand ambassadors? Is it to improve your customer service or brand reputation? The list is endless, but the nice thing about Klout is that it may help to identify where you stand in the Twitterverse.

So, the next time you happen to be in Vegas and make a reservation at Nove Italiano or try to sneak past the velvet rope at Rain, you just may be stopped or not given the preferential treatment because of your low Klout score.

Give it a read, share and let’s discuss. What do you think?