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Our View: Top 14 Memorable Ads of 2014

By the very nature of the business, advertisers have to be forward-thinking and planning ahead at all times. But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate all that’s already been said and done.

As we take a moment to look back on what made this last year memorable, we asked around the Mason office to find out which ads stood out from the pack among our staffers. Below we present our favorite ads of 2014, in no particular order, demonstrating the power of humor and unexpected creative.

Weight Watchers – “If You’re Happy”

“I like the new Weight Watchers TV spot about snacking, although it could use a little longer logo registration at the end.”
Charlie Mason

McDonald’s – Love Free Wi-fi

Instantly recognizable – both the symbol and the brand

McDonald's Wifi print ad – Captain Obvious

“Not sure what it’s done to advance the brand, but hell of a funny character.”
Richard Garner

Skittles – “Pet the Rainbow”

Speaking of silly characters, you gotta love this lady and her pet cloud.

Apolosophy – Interactive digital billboards

This innovative ad for a hair care brand turned commuters’ heads on a Swedish subway platform.

apolosophy billboard

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – “Power”

“I also like the Microsoft TV ads for the Surface Pro 3 – really good demo spots.”
Charlie Mason

Side-by-side comparisons are a staple in the tech world, a reflection of how consumers shop for gadgets. This is reminiscent of the Mac vs. PC guys.

MasterCard – 12th Annual Women’s Golf Classic

File this under ads that make you look twice.

MasterCard Women's Golf Classic add


Released in March of 2014, this video generated a lot of media buzz and quickly went viral, before it was clear that it was actually an ad. Not everyone was thrilled to find out these “strangers” were paid actors. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’ve all kissed each other before, but it did seem to deflate a little of the magic the film evoked.

Manix – The Dock

A suitably delicate ad for a delicate subject (personal lubricant, if you couldn’t tell), and it works across all languages.

Manix lubricant print ad

Weight Watchers (again) – Doors

What goes in, must come out…

Weight Watchers Doors Print ad

TVC Thai Life Insurance – “Unsung Hero”

This heartstring-tugging video highlights the impact of daily random acts of kindness.

BBC Music – “God Only Knows”

Star power, nostalgia, and special effects? No wonder it went viral.

Chanel No. 5 – “The One that I Want – The Film”

Here’s another example using music as a throwback to earlier decades, while remaining distinctly contemporary. Ryan Winiarski, who nominated both spots, remarked that it was the music that sucked him in.

Old Spice – “#SmellcometoManhood”

While we’re talking common scents, Old Spice got Derek Beere’s attention. “Humor always does it for me. It makes the spot standout and it hits the message on the head here – as you enter manhood, you should be wearing Old Spice. The sad mother losing her son to the world and a joyous father getting his son out of the house is perfect.”

Did we miss your favorite ad?

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See you in 2015!