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No Time to Waste in PR

Mason Inc., along with Mason Onofrio PR is a very successful and established advertising and public relations firm in Bethany, CT. The experience and success they have is unique and very diverse. I made this realization the first time I walked into the office. I walked through the visitor’s door and saw a Bruegger’s Bagels sign right away. As I made my way up the stairs I noticed a campaign that Yale New Haven Hospital put on, and on my way to my new office I see an ad for Copenhagen.

For the men and women that worked on those projects they must have a sense of pride on the way to their desks every morning. Me however, I had no part of these campaigns, so the walk to my desk is more motivational then it is nostalgic.

It is my first week here at Mason Inc. I flew in from Wisconsin on Sunday. I Brought a suitcase and my cat with me (not a fun flight), and started work Monday. I was a little hesitant to come in to the office. My experience prior to this has been in start-up companies that I owned, or was one of the first employees for. Mason Inc. was the first opportunity I accepted that would provide me with a “real-world” experience, or so I thought.

Half expecting my first day to be some paper work and introductions while getting acquainted with my new environment, I was thrilled when after about 45 minutes of getting my computer hooked up and on the network I was free to work. “What?” I thought to myself. “That’s it, I am here, and I am part of the team, so now I… work?” Apparently, yea, that is exactly right. I was in at 8:30, and by 9:30 I was working at full speed. I just started doing what I thought I should be, and when I let my boss know what I was up to, he was happy about it.

Sitting in on my first client meeting I realized immediately that my skill set would be beneficial here. For the last year and a half I was working at Brazen Careerist. While there, I worked with companies to develop their social media strategies, and then implement them. I was initially working with them to attract young potential employees, but as less jobs were available we shifted our thought process, and instead of recruitment, we focused on retention and branding. Helping big brands get their blogs started, and building content plans was my specialty.

When I decided to make the transition to PR, my reason was pretty simple. I believe in the power of social media, I believe in conversation, and I believe in the benefits of having an online presence. However, I do not think you can put together a few profiles and cross your fingers. Instead I think that combining a social media plan with a traditional advertising and pr plan is the best way to reach your audience.

Yes, social media marketing has its benefits. We can identify and target demographics, we can answer customers publicly, and with the right strategy, we can place ourselves wherever we need to be in order to increase sales, and show ROI. However, without that offline connection, we are missing so many potential clients or customers.

Mason Onofrio has given me this opportunity. The opportunity to take my skill set, and work with their experts to provide our clients with the best of both worlds. This will be a great experience, and I know the people that are really benefiting are the companies we work with, and just saying that gives me a sense of pride…