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Myspace Making a Social Media Comeback

Those who thought Myspace was a thing of the past could be wrong! Myspace is reemerging and new owners, Chris and Tim Vanderhook, plan to make it popular once again. Myspace now has a new design and focus, seeking to gain popularity with emerging artists hoping to be discovered. And with names like Justin Timberlake, one of the principal financial backers, Myspace has a chance of becoming popular again.

Myspace has a sleek new look, as displayed in this promotional video, which seems like a cross between Facebook Timeline and Pinterest. Yet the new, image-heavy Myspace interface has a vertical scroll format, instead of the horizontal one used by most other social networks. There are some cool new features such as personal playlists you can share with friends, upcoming concert updates and trending music news. There are also great analytics reports which allow users to see the gender, age and geographic breakdowns of their audiences.

Will this new plan work? It’s hard to say, but Myspace is hoping that if enough musicians sign up, the fans will come. Initially, Myspace lost popularity due to the emergence of Facebook and other social media sites, Myspace violating its own privacy policy, as well as general negative associations with the brand. It seems like Myspace is headed in a new direction and is looking to make a comeback. Do you think it will succeed and will you be giving it a shot?