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Mason Celebrates 60 Years of Innovation in Brand Marketing and Communications

So just how do you celebrate the big 60th anniversary for a company? I suppose we could get a nice cake, put 60 candles on it, have a party with all of our colleagues, and maybe invite some clients to take part in the fun. But meetings, travel and all the other important stuff would get in the way. We could celebrate by donating to a charity, but we already do that for the holidays, plus lots of Mason employees volunteer their time with various organizations and causes throughout the year.

Aha! Here’s the idea!

To celebrate the big 60, we’ve decided to take the celebration worldwide via the power of social media with a Facebook group aptly titled Mason Nation. We’re throwing the biggest bash of them all by inviting everyone under the sun, including current and former employees, clients, interns, partners, vendors, friends and anyone who’s ever come through the doors here – even the UPS guy.

Since 1951, we’ve had hundreds of amazing employees and thousands of brilliant minds come through the doors. Wouldn’t it be nice to connect again? We encourage you to share those stories, fond memories, faux pas, experiences and anything related to Mason, Inc. We’ll upload pictures, factoids and other fun stuff to keep you interested.

If you’re one of the people who has been a part of Mason in some way, we thank you for coming along for the ride. Your part, no matter how big or small, has helped shaped us and directed our sails in all sorts of new and exciting directions. Let’s skip all the sentimental, Oscar-like “thank yous” and save it all for Mason Nation.

However, we do need your help. If you are connected with anyone who may be interested in Mason Nation, please invite them to join the discussion. OK, now let’s get in on the action! We look forward to hearing from you and welcome to Mason Nation.

Visit Mason Nation here!