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Keep The News Flowing

I thought this was pretty positive news.

In a time when newspapers are holding on for dear life, it’s not often you hear of a new paper starting up. Here in Connecticut, the Hartford Courant recently transformed it’s look and sections and along with that came a lot of staff cuts. It looks like they might live to see another day, as the Bristol Press and New Britain Herald have a new owner. Tough times for print.

So, in the midst of these crazy times for newspapers, there comes a new one in Avon, Connecticut. Determined to keep the news flowing, Melissa Marinan (who once sold newspaper advertising) is starting The Valley Press after four Farmington Valley papers closed earlier this month. The free weekly newspaper will be delivered to every home in Burlington, Avon, Simsbury, Canton and Farmington.

I give kudos to Melissa and wish her success!