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Hard Times for Aspiring Broadcasters

More sad news in the world of Connecticut media as the Connecticut School of Broadcasting (CSB) has closed it’s doors. The abrupt closing came as a surprise to students who found out via text message or by showing up to classes only to find locked doors.

From a PR perspective, I think the school could have handled it in a more personal manner. I’m all for new mediums of communication, but isn’t a text message a little informal or cold? Especially one that informs you that the university you are attending and are paying for is closed? Trying to seek more information, as I’m sure many students have, I surfed on over to their website and there’s nothing.

As I looked further, today’s Hartford Courant has some commentary from the president through a press release saying that the reason for the closing was due to changes in the private student loan market. This may be true, but one thing I never like to read in any sort of crisis is “couldn’t be reached for comment” or “PNC Bank declined to comment”.

In my book of practice, that’ s not good. State the facts, be receptive and responsive to the media and you will be thanked in the long run.