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Get to Know Richard Gamer, Creative Director

You’re the creative director here at Mason. What was your career path like?

I started in the mailroom of a New York agency called Lord, Geller, Federico, Einstein. A year and a half later, I became a copywriter. And two years later, Adweek named us agency of the year. I worked at several other New York agencies before taking a job as CD at an agency in Hartford. In 2001, I came to Mason.


What makes for good creative?

Good creative in advertising is like good creative in any craft. It evokes a strong emotional response.


How do you sell an idea to a potential client?

By understanding them and where they’re coming from. If you misread a client, it’s hard to sell an idea no matter how powerful it is or how much you believe in it.


What’s been the biggest change in the creative process you’ve seen during your career?

Obviously, the migration to digital and social media. You can no longer just craft a message. Your audience wants to see who’s behind your product and what values you hold as a brand. They want a personal experience, not an ad. That’s a very different form of creativity.


If you weren’t a creative director, what would you be?

That’s kind of like asking, if you weren’t 5’10”, how tall would you be?