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Coming Soon to a Brand Near You: Obama Fever!

I mentioned it in an earlier blog post, but I’ll say it again. I have never seen so much attention on a single presidential election since who knows when… maybe John F. Kennedy? But I wasn’t even alive back then, so who knows. With all of the excitement surrounding President Barack Obama, it sure makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, and in a time like this I suppose that’s not a bad thing…

Quick to jump on trends, “warm & fuzzy” feelings or any national movement are brands, right? You bet. Last night the NBC Nightly News closed its broadcast with a story on selling the “Obama brand”. What’s that? Well, a lot of major brands and advertisers have got “Obama fever” and they’re tagging along for the ride. Major brands like Pepsi and Starbucks have Barack’s message of hope and optimism throughout their campaigns that appear in their ads, billboards, bus wraps, you name it.

So what’s this all about? Will attaching onto Obama’s messages and themes actually help increase product sales? Publicity? Brand awareness? And talk about the power of publicity. After seeing Sasha and Milia in J.Crew attire during the inauguration, so many people visited the J.Crew website that it crashed due to millions of hits. By the way, the outfits were specifically designed for the inauguration festivities and they won’t be available until 2010, although there are reports that the company may roll them out in 2009. Smart move to do it earlier, if you ask me. Who knows if consumer demand and interest will hang on for another year.

Which brings me back to my main point. By tagging along with our new President, will brands increase their bottom line? Something to think about… and now, here’s the NBC piece. Enjoy it- it’s a goodie!

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