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Apple’s Incredible Brand

This morning I just read in the New York Times Bits report that Apple’s stock dropped because they only reported a quarterly profit of $13.1 Billion ““ that’s Billion, with a B!.  Being in the business of brand building at Mason, I couldn’t help but reflect on the power of the Apple brand — that investors are disappointed when there is only a $13B quarterly profit.  Amazing.

Think how Apple got to that enviable position with products in such demand that they virtually never discount.  Every aspect of the brand, from product design, to packaging, to store layout, to associate titles, to advertising is carefully managed to support this cooler than life perception of who they are.

Apple’s brand strength is the result of decades of truly fanatic commitment to their brand ideals.  Which begs the question, if the potential payoff is so enormous, why don’t more organizations have that same zeal?

What do you think?