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Advertising: So Here’s My Number, Adopt Me Maybe?

The song is everywhere and it’s infectious! Carly Rae Jepsen’s smash hit “Call Me Maybe” has spread like wildfire and inspired spoof Youtube videos and even some creative business cards. None were as adorable and as effective as the image created by Anthony Rubio, pet adoption advocate.

adopt me maybe

Anthony Rubio posted a photo on his account, which featured his two well-dressed Chihuahuas, Bogie and Kima, with Bogie Holding a business card in his mouth which reads, “Hey, I just met you/ and this is crazy/ but here’s my tag number/ 639-252-40/ so adopt me, maybe?” Rubino’s goal was to highlight shelter pets and to encourage future dog owners to choose adoption. By harnessing the power of pop culture and the internet, Rubino’s goal was accomplished: the image went viral!

The picture instantly went viral and Rubino was able to gain awareness for his cause. Many companies go to great lengths and costs to create advertisements that often fall flat. This photo shows us that money isn’t always the solution; it takes creativity, humor and some cute pups to get the message right!