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Don’t Rock the Boat

I’m all for change, but I’m a big believer that if something is working well for you, why rock the boat? Such is the case for Tropicana. We all know and love the Tropicana logo with the nice big orange and the straw sticking out of it. It’s refreshing and it makes you want a big glass of OJ, doesn’t it?

It took 24 years, but PepsiCo decided to change the entire look of one of its flagship products, Tropicana. Back in January 2009 a new packaging design for Tropicana was introduced, but fast forward to late February and things have changed. Customers bombarded PepsiCo with emails, phone calls and letters complaining about the change and demanded a return to the old packaging. The outcome? The new packaging is going bye-bye and the Tropicana look Americans know and love is coming back.

To me, things like this make me smile. If customers are at the center of your brand, then listen to them. I bet there’s a whole lot of happy Tropicana drinkers out there now.