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Where Digital Radio Fits in Your Marketing Mix

21 Aug , 2015 | Nick Koutsopoulos

pandora streaming radio advertising

Pandora is a streaming audio service that provides access beyond terrestrial signals to the always-on, always-connected and always-multi-tasking consumer. Its impact is undeniable, with more than 82M unique listeners monthly, and 80 percent of their traffic originating from mobile or connected devices such as phones, tablets, computers and connected car systems, TVs and gaming consoles.

Pandora is also a very interesting platform because of its robust targeting capabilities — with over 100 targeting features, custom experiences, and the ability to run both audio and display advertising in tandem. Here are a couple of examples of how Mason has incorporated Pandora into our media strategy for clients:


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Metrics & Methodology: Get Social Media Analytics Down to a Science

16 Jun , 2015 | Marisa Head

paid social media measurement is a science

Paid social metrics are where the rubber meets the road on social media marketing. There are plenty of qualitative arguments for including paid social in your digital marketing strategy, but ultimately, its success must be measured and quantified. Content is the art; analytics are the science.


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Paid Social Do’s, Don’ts, and Key Considerations

30 May , 2015 | Marisa Head

paid social media - icon grid

So, you’re ready to give paid social media a spot on your budget, and you’ve reviewed your options across the major platforms. Now comes the next step: planning your paid social strategy and campaigns.


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Paid Social: An Overview of Your Options

27 May , 2015 | Marisa Head

paid social media icon tree

Now that we’ve convinced you that Paid Social deserves a spot in your digital budget, let’s look at what exactly you can do with those dollars. The information below was culled from each site’s own descriptions of its advertising options as of May 2015.


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Why Paid Social Media Deserves a Spot on Your Budget

29 Apr , 2015 | Marisa Head

paid social icons

Social media can be a crowded place, especially when you’re trying to get your message to the right audience. You’re not only competing against other brands on social media, you’re contending with each network’s ever-changing algorithms that dictate just how much reach your message has.

In fact, with Facebook’s recent changes to its algorithm, it’s going to be an even tougher space for brands to get their message out. However, there is hope if you have a strategy and the budget to support your social media program.


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Aficionados Favor Their Own Flavor of Brand Loyalty

23 Mar , 2015 | Marisa Head


Customer loyalty comes in a variety of flavors.

For instance, there’s legacy loyalty: the brands you grew up with, the ones your family has trusted, are brands you’re likely to remain connected to as an adult and pass on as a household name for the next generation.

There’s habitual loyalty, like always stopping in at the same coffee place before work simply because it’s on your way and has a drive-through window. If a new business opened up with slightly better prices, better coffee, or a shorter wait at the window, you could be tempted away from your mainstay.

And at the far end of the spectrum, there are the brands that court a strong following of niche customers who are not only loyal, but consistently and personally engaged, even advocating for their favorite products out of their own enthusiastic interest.


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SEO Copywriting Elements That Matter

25 Feb , 2015 | Ryan Winiarski

seo copywriting elements that matter

This is the third part in Mason’s series on search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and tactics for ranking on results pages and driving traffic to your site. 

SEO has evolved far beyond a reliance on simple keywords, but the written content on your site, as well as the language hidden behind the scenes in the code, retain a great deal of influence on search engine algorithms. Here are the factors that make your content easy to digest for search engines so you can rank highly and capture as many clicks as possible.


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How the SEO Food Chain Affects Your Search Ranking

18 Feb , 2015 | Ryan Winiarski

illustration of seo food chain

In the first part of our discussion on SEO, we broke down the anatomy of a search engine results page, the appearance of different kinds of search results, some of the things search engines are and aren’t looking for, and how to begin thinking about implementing SEO into your own site. This installment will focus on defining our keyword phrases (or “thesis”) based on an understanding of the SEO food chain.


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Could Native Advertising Overcome Display Ad Blindness?

13 Feb , 2015 | Marisa Head

native advertising

Average click-through rates on display ads reflect a digitally savvy public that has learned to ignore or distrust them. Native advertising could prove an effective way of re-engaging that audience.

The last 15 years of Internet history have been a constant push-pull of online advertisers finding new ways to get their message in front of more eyeballs, and those eyeballs glazing over as users learned to ignore, avoid, or even block as many ads as possible. The result has been dubbed “banner blindness.


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Off the Radar: What to Do With ‘Dark Social’ Traffic

30 Jan , 2015 | Marisa Head

radar dishes

Social sharing platforms are a rich source of data and insights for brands, illuminating their audiences’ preferences, behaviors, attitudes, and interests to better inform the brand’s digital strategy. But there’s a layer of activity happening below the surface, unmeasured, that has been described as ‘dark social.’


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