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To QR Code, or not?

28 Dec , 2011 | Charlie Mason

You know what a QR Code is, right?  They are those funky square bar codes that are for useon smart phones.  QR stands for Quick Response, and the idea is to make it really easy for smart phone users to get to a URL without having to actually type in the URL.  Scan the code with your phone and it takes you right to the company’s URL without typing.

That’s the idea, and marketers love it.  We all want to make it easier for prospects and customers to engage with our brands.  So the question is, why are so few customers taking advantage of them, even with the proliferation of smart phones?



Happy Holidays from Mason!

22 Dec , 2011 | Mayya Medved

Mason, Inc. would like to wish you and yours happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year. We hope that you take this opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and reflect on this and next year!



National Debt vs. Deficit “¦ We need better communications!

14 Dec , 2011 | Charlie Mason

Ask your friends,  “Quick, what is the difference between the national debt and the deficit?”  For the most part you will get blank stares.  Most people are unclear as to the distinction between the two and generally use them interchangeably.  (By way of clarification, the debt is the total accumulated amount of money we owe.  The deficit is the amount that we are adding to that total each year.) debt versus deficit



Mason Celebrates 60 Years of Innovation in Brand Marketing and Communications

13 Dec , 2011 | Derek Beere

So just how do you celebrate the big 60th anniversary for a company? I suppose we could get a nice cake, put 60 candles on it, have a party with all of our colleagues, and maybe invite some clients to take part in the fun. But meetings, travel and all the other important stuff would get in the way. We could celebrate by donating to a charity, but we already do that for the holidays, plus lots of Mason employees volunteer their time with various organizations and causes throughout the year.

Aha! Here’s the idea!


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October storm was a crisis; it should not have been a public relations storm

5 Dec , 2011 | Fran Onofrio

It’s nearly 2012.  CL&P is a public company.  The October snow storm was unprecedented. Therefore, when faced with an issue:  tell your story using all available means; don’t operate like a mom & pop company; and, present the facts to the public with supporting evidence.


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New Social Media White Paper Available for Download

5 Dec , 2011 | Mayya Medved

If you’re considering a social media program for your organization, then this is a must read that will show you the necessary steps before you get started. Just like any other marketing program, you need to develop a plan before launching. Our new media manager, Derek Beere, provides an in-depth guide that is now available for download. “The 5 Steps to Starting Your Social Media Program the Right Way” is available for download on our website or by clicking the button below.



Give me the “˜Good News’ ““ What warrants a press release?

11 Nov , 2011 | Beth Meccariello

Like many people in PR, my guilty pleasure is to scan through my Twitter feed at random times throughout the day to check on the latest headlines, blog posts, and yes… even meaningless banter.  Yesterday during my daily scan, I came across this blog post that absolutely blew my mind and at the same time, gave me some good laughs.  It was based around 20 funny (yet blunt) opinions on the agency-client relationship, and while some may be over the top, point #3 really got me thinking. (Let’s be honest… humor gets us through most days, so none of these points should be taken to heart!)


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From Raw to Refined- Transforming Social Media Skills

25 Oct , 2011 | Mason Intern

By Colleen Luby
Mason Intern Fall 2011

There is no doubt that employing one’s skills in the digital media realm is essential to landing a job after college- as the new social media intern here at Mason, Inc., I have already come to terms with that. In fact, as more grads consult websites for their dream jobs, employers are being faced with the reality that social and digital media are the newest waves in an ocean of developments taking place in the graduate recruitment process.


social media

Tweeting Blunders

24 Oct , 2011 | Mayya Medved

There’s no question, Twitter is a great tool for businesses and public figures to connect on a personal level with their fans and followers. Twitter expanded rapidly, launching in 2006 and since then, currently has more than 200 million users. Twitter has revolutionized the way we get information. Reporters now tweet from the court rooms about important cases, media outlets report breaking news, companies introduce new products, and most importantly, Paris Hilton lets us know her current partying location – the last one being Amsterdam! In a world where information is shared in a millisecond to millions of users, there is bound to be some mess ups along the way. Here is a list of the top 4 Twitter blunders that we can all learn from!



Celebrity Endorsements: Avoiding Negative Branding

15 Aug , 2011 | Derek Beere

Celebrities have it made, don’t they? Not only do they get all the fame and glamor, but they’re also courted by some of the biggest brands on the planet who offer them large sums of money to endorse their products.

Wear Nike shoes and you’ll hit as well as Tiger Woods.

Drink Pepsi and you’ll dance just like Michael Jackson.